Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve never placed an order with Bowen Designs; can I set up my account online?

- For first time orders we request that you PRINT (not submit) the completed order form, sign it, and then fax or mail it to our office. We are required to have your authorization signature on file before we can reserve or process any orders.

- Once your account has been set up by our office, you can place future orders online or by phone.

When am I charged for my order?

- If paying by check or money order, it will be deposited when the first item is ready to ship.

- Credit Cards are charged 3-7 days in advance of the item physically shipping from Bowen Designs. Billing dates will be posted on the “Shipping Updates” page.

Does my Bowen club membership apply to all my pre-orders?

- The 20% discount will be applied to your order only if your membership is valid through the scheduled release month of the item(s) you’ve pre-ordered. (i.e. you can’t preorder items releasing after your club expiration and still get the discount)  

- There may be limited exclusives offered that are not eligible for the 20% discount. A notice will be posted on these items.

I sent BD an email, but have not received a reply. How do I know if my email was received?

- If you do not receive an email reply within 2-4 business days, please call our office at 503-786-0542, as your email may not have been received.

I’m getting ready to move, when/how should I tell BD about my new address?

- Please contact our office by email or phone 2 weeks prior to relocating to a new address, so that your profile can be updated before any orders would ship. (Please do not assume that changes to your personal information on an order form will serve as sufficient notice.)

- Please Note: You will be charged a service fee if you do not notify our office of an address change and a package needs to be re-routed during transit.

I’ve changed my email address; do I need to update my BD account?

- Yes, please send an email to Please include your first and last name and your new email address.

- We use your email address to send product updates, shipping notifications, and to contact you if there are questions about your account or payment for an order.

Can I request to have Randy autograph my sculpture?

- Autographs can be requested for pieces that Randy has personally sculpted/worked on. (There is a fee for this additional service.)

- This service is not guaranteed and is subject to the availability of Randy and our shipping department. However, the additional fee will only be charged if the autograph request is fulfilled.

Please remember:

  • We do not take requests for sketches. Occasionally, Randy will include a sketch on a sculpture, however this is solely at Randy's discretion.
  • We cannot offer autograph requests from other sculptors.
  • Autographed pieces take much longer to prepare and ship, so a delay in shipping these pieces should be expected.

What is the difference between a Collector Club Exclusive and a Website Exclusive?

Collector Club Exclusive: This is an item that's only available to current members of the Bowen Designs Collectors Club.

Site Exclusive: These are items that are only available through the BD website, and will not be offered through Diamond Previews.

- Limited quantities may be offered to existing wholesale accounts (but not always)

- Sometimes Site Exclusives may have a “per customer limit” or may be subject to allocation.

- You do not have to be a Club Member to purchase Site Exclusives.

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